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For most companies, designing the ‘About Us’ page is a glaring issue at hand.  One often tends to get sidetracked by the extravagant aesthetics of the website. Moreover, it is not easy to manage images and text simultaneously,and it is best to seek advice from professionals. The leading Website Designing Company In Delhi says that there must be a balance between the graphics and content displayed. Here are a few tips to create an effective ‘About Us’ page:

 1.      Weave a story One can portray an interesting story about how the products or services were created to change lives and how the company eventually achieved success in this aspect. Great stories provide a whole new dimension to the product or service and helps people connect to it on a personal level. The story can also be a mixture of the history of the company along with its aim and objectives. The page must render a smart blend of words and palatable graphics to put across the company information.  

 1.      Let others do the talking Consumers generally do not make their decisions and judgment about a product based on what the company claims about it. Inclusion of a few testimonials would give a realistic understanding of the company and its products & services. It is even better to incorporate pictures of the clients, if plausible, to evoke a sense of trust. Further, one may also put up pictures of employees working in the unit. This again goes a long way ingarnering trust & loyalty. A reputed Website Development Company In Delhi can be of great help in this aspect. 

1.      Play with infographicsOne must make the ‘About Us’ page an incredible experience forthe viewers by making use of timelines, recordings, videos, or infographics.Such visual aids help in garnering the attention of visitors for as long aspossible. Further, such presentation of information makes it easy forprospective clients to absorb the required details. Videos are an amazing meansof conveying the company’s message to its prospective customers.  

Just by getting a bit innovative and creative, one can make agreat impression even with a dull, yet, the most important section of the site. It is always advisable toavail the services of a reputed website designing company, such as WebSolution Centre, to make an impactful ‘About Us’ page! This organizationpossesses an efficient team of professionals having rich experience in webrelated services. | | |